Name: Vanja
From: Norway
Born: 22 August 1983
Gender: Female
Personality type: Introvert
Living with my fiancé Tom aka Tomte, www.tomte.org


When I started this website, I didn’t know much about how popular it would eventually become, and how much of my art I’d actually display online. At first it was just a small site that was updated maybe once a month…or less. I displayed a handful of my hentai comics and drawings, and got maybe a hundred unique visitors a month. Then, over time, the traffic started to rise pretty much, and I added more and more hentai pics. I also started to add hentai comics and parody comics, animated movies, hentai games, and more. Eventually it came to a point where if I wanted to continue with this, while still being able to provide for myself, I had to make it my fulltime job. Ero-Mania, www.ero-mania.net was created where drawings, comics, videos and games are frequently published. In addition to this, I also have a Patreon page (www.patreon.com/wildsidecomix) that contains a combo of projects created by me and my fiancé Tom (aka Tomte). These projects are also released for free (but support makes us able to continue the production of these projects and expand their content) ^_^

I have truly enjoyed running this website for all these years, and I will probably continue doing so for a long, long time to come! ^_^