1. Are you open for commissions?

Answer: Sorry, but at this moment, I’m not available for commissions.


2. I love your animations and games, and I would love to commission a game from you! If you are not available for commissions, will you ever consider doing game commissions in the future? Or do you know someone who will?

Answer: If I were to ever open up for commissions again, I doubt I’d open them for game commissions. Creating games is a lot (A LOT) of work, and cannot be compared to simply making a drawing or a comic page. Currently I don’t know of anyone who takes game commissions, but I do know that some artists on Hentai Foundry accepts animation commissions ^_^


3. I’m getting a black screen when trying to run one of your games, or it lags so much it becomes unresponsive. How can I fix this?

Answer: The most common cause for these issues seems to have been a Windows 10 upgrade from an old OS. While the games have been tested and works fine on Windows 10, upgrading from an old OS can sometimes cause issues, and sometimes these issues can be caused by certain programs interfering. However, the most common fixes people have told me about that works, is the following:

1. Moving the game to another folder on your computer. Yes, this seems to work pretty often, and I have no idea why…most likely it can be related to some security settings in the folder where they originally stored the game.

2. Disabling your antivirus.

3. Updating your graphics card drivers.

4. Right-clicking on the game, enter “Properties”, go to “Compability” to see if compability mode helps.

5. Run the game as admin

6. Installing a newer version of Visual C++ (


I’ll try to find out more about how people fix these issues, but like I said, it seems to vary a lot, and it also appears to be especially involved in Windows 10 upgrades. If you search for “Windows 10 upgrade gives black screen in games”, you’ll see that it seems to be somewhat common, unfortunately:

If you have had the same problem but fixed it in an other way than those I have listed here, I’d appreciate if you could let me know ^_^


4. I’m poor/don’t want to pay for porn/don’t like to pay for anything online, why can’t you just put out everything you create for free!

Answer: If I wasn’t able to earn money from what I do, I would not be able to continue. Really, it is just that simple. This is my job, and thus, I’m able to produce the content I do. If I had another job, then I would not have enough time to create things such as games (they require A LOT of time to create, and it is not something that could be combined with another full-time job).

I know that it is quite common for some people to have a mindset online where they don’t think they should be paying for an artist’s work (whether it’s porn or mainstream). With how much content is available online, it seems like some people have started to take artists and their work for granted, expecting to get everything for free because that’s what they’ve been used to. I have yet to really find any reasonable justification for this mindset, though…it seems to vary between things like “I should have everything I want without paying for it because I’ve always gotten what I want for free” to “artists shouldn’t be allowed to make money from their own work because I say so” or even “this artist’s works isn’t worth paying for, thus I should have it for free”. I’ve even heard some people say that artists shouldn’t be allowed to make their art into their job, because no one should be “allowed” to enjoy their job. Uh…right. It’s kind of mind-boggling, the kind of things some people say to justify not paying for something they want, often trying their best to villainize the artists into the “evil” ones for wanting to get paid for their work (while as for themselves, who wants something without giving anything in return for it to the one who created it, is of course doing nothing wrong in their opinion… ^_^;).

A lot of these people cannot be changed…they are used to getting whatever they want for free without paying a single cent to the creator, and they don’t want to change their ways because it benefits them. They will cling desperately to any kind of justification for doing so. However, as someone who needs to make a living from my work in order to continue, I can at least plead with those who are reasonable enough to understand that paying for my work is what will make me able to produce more. This, of course, also goes for other artists out there that tries to make a living from what they do: if you like their works and would like to see them continue creating it, then please support them by buying their products. And if you can’t support them due to financial reasons, then at least respect them enough to not rip them off or expect them to hand over their work to you for free.


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