Bella Mortis Presents, Season 3!


“Bella Mortis Presents” is a webcomic series featuring short horror stories of various kinds. This project is a collab between me and my fiancé Tom (aka Tomte) ^_^

Season 3 has just started, and episode #13 has been released. It’s called “The Last Hike”, and you can read it here:


Bella Mortis Presents is one of our Patreon projects: //



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4 Responses to Bella Mortis Presents, Season 3!

  1. Steve85 says:

    Yay! New episodes! I’m eager to see what themes will be used this time. My absolute favs are ‘Flower girls’ (loved the twist ending, lol) and ‘House by the road’, that one was creepy as hell. Keep it up 😀

    • Vanja says:

      Thanks ^_^

      Like the previous seasons, the theme in each story will wary…I won’t say much more just yet, but I can reveal that one of them will be sea-monster themed 😉

  2. Tempy111 says:

    Nice story ^_^ I don’t know what my favourite is.. I quite like ‘My Daughter’s Room’. Without being… I think the term is tasteless or something I don’t fully understand, it showed the full impact, the gruesomeness of the crime, the source of the mother’s fear, yet done in a good way, the reasoning for why she is afraid and how she gets over it works really well. nicely paced, well scripted and good art combine well ^_^

    This has been a non-paid for advertisement from the sound of it ^_^

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