Bella Mortis Presents!

October is here and we’re getting ready for some Halloween vibes, and for that occasion my fiancé Tom (aka Tomte) and I have just launched a new webcomic project called “Bella Mortis Presents”, which contains short horror stories of various kinds ^_^

Bella herself is a demoness who tells you the stories while you visit her in her gloomy residence. Her stories will have various genres… Some will be supernatural, while others will feature subjects like serial killers, stalkers and other real-life horrors. Some stories will focus on suspence and mystery, while others will have a slight hint of fantasy and sometimes even comedy.

So far we have one episode on the website, called “The Cabin”. You can read it here: //

Bella Mortis Presents is one of our Patreon projects: //


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4 Responses to Bella Mortis Presents!

  1. Tempy111 says:

    Looking good to me, very much in the style of old Horror comics like Crypt Keeper and Boris Karloff Presents. Nice simple Horror Stories.

  2. Animorpher says:

    I really enjoyed reading this,just one small request. If the episode is based on a real-life horror story would it be possible to add a note about it so we know? Would just be fun to know,he,he.
    Hoping for some more horror stories from you both on Halloween if possible! 😉

    • Vanja says:

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it ^_^

      And none of the planned episodes so far are based on true stories, but we do actually plan (sometime in the future) to have a submission contest or something where people can submit their true story to be turned into an episode 🙂

      And yes, Bella will have another treat for Halloween 😉

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