Birthday gifts! ^_^

Today was my birthday, and Crimsonwolf (// made this awesome drawing of me where I’m playing with the birthday candle while fantasizing about…naughty things ^-^. Thank you so much, Crimsonwolf, the drawing is awesome!

Also thanks a lot to everyone who sent me a notification by e-mail, I really appreciate it ^_^

If you’d like to take a look at other birthday gifts and fanart I’ve received over the years, the “Fanart” gallery is here:


vanja birthday s

I’d also like to write a little about one of the gifts I got today: some t-shirts from my fiancé Tom (aka Tomte), with print of one of the drawings he made of me, and one featuring Bella from our collab project “Bella Mortis Presents“. They were printed through “Spreadshirt“, a “print on demand” service. The quality is pretty good (I remember trying some of these “print on demand” services a few years back with rather poor results, but these look great) ^_^


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2 Responses to Birthday gifts! ^_^

  1. Anonymous says:

    Crimson wolf made a nice drawing as usual 🙂

    The t-shirt prints look pretty good. I have a friend who’s an artist and puts out some of his works on Furaffinity. he printed some t-shirts on cafepress (I think it was cafepress) but they could only print the chest area. On these it looks like you can fill the entire t-shirt? I think I’ll recommend spreadshirt place to him 🙂

    • Vanja says:

      Thanks ^_^

      And yes, on Spreadshirt it’s possible to fill a large area of the t-shirt, which is great. It’s also possible to put graphics on the back and arms ^_^

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